The Free Plan

Whereby is a web-based video meeting service that empowers anyone to have better meetings, wherever and whenever. No downloads. No installs. No hassle.

The Free Plan is perfect if you're an individual that only needs to have small meetings, or if you want to evaluate Whereby before upgrading to a Pro or Business plan

Free Plan Features

  • One room with a custom link
  • Up to 4 participants at a time
  • Screen Sharing
  • Integrations with Trello, Google Docs, YouTube, and Miro

Whereby was founded in Norway by privacy-friendly Europeans. When it comes to your meetings, we're extremely serious about encryption and security, adhering to some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. That means we never (ever) track, store or sell meeting data.

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The Pro Plan

We built the Pro plan for individual users that need to hold larger meetings and add custom branding to their rooms. With the help of our media servers, users can host up to 50 participants in their room.

If this sounds great but you need to share these features among your team, the Business plan will be a better option for you. The Business plan includes more user management features and multiple rooms you can own, so it's perfect for large organizations!

Pro Plan Features

  • One room with a custom link
  • One XL Room with capacity for 50 people
  • Customization of Logo, Room Background, and Waiting Room Background
  • Integrations with Trello, Google Docs, YouTube, and Miro
  • Add-ons available for even more functionality

The Pro plan can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, and is automatically billed by credit or debit card. The full term of your service is billed at the start of your billing period, so if you cancel before your period renews you'll still have access to the Pro features that you paid for.

The monthly option is $9.99/month, and the annual option is $99.90/year

To learn more about how to Upgrade to Pro click here!

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Video Meetings for your Entire Team

Built from the ground up for team use, The Whereby Business plan is perfect for sharing video conferencing with your team.

Business plan Features and Pricing

The Business plan lets you set up a shared account with all of our best features, starting at only $14.99/month. At that base price you'll get the following features:

  • Unlimited users, each getting a 4-person room with their own custom Room Link
  • One shared XL Team Room with capacity for 50 people
  • Customizable branding so rooms fit with your brand
  • Recording included for all Team Rooms
  • Priority customer support with live chat
  • Ability to upgrade Personal Rooms, or add more Team Rooms if you need 

The Business plan is fully flexible so it can grow with your Business! You can add more Team Rooms, or upgrade Personal Rooms for just $9.99/month per room. You can add or remove these upgraded rooms as necessary, so if you only temporarily need more it's no problem. To learn more and get your account set up, check out our Business Information page!

Quick Answers

What is the difference between Team Rooms and Personal Rooms?

Personal Rooms

Personal rooms are your private space to host meetings, and by default are not upgraded. A non-upgraded Personal room can host up to 4 people, but they can be upgraded to include XL Meetings and Recording if you'd like! Personal rooms can't be accessed by other users in your organization when the room is Locked.

Team Rooms

Conversely, Team rooms are upgraded by default so they can hold up to 50 people, and are accessible by other users in your organization at any time (even when Locked). Team rooms can only be created as upgraded rooms. You can use the Lock feature to stop users outside of your organization from joining!

Can Personal Rooms host XL Meetings?

By default, Personal Rooms have a room size of up to 4 people and do not include Recording. However, an admin for your account can upgrade the room in place of a paid team room on your plan. They will need to hover next to the room name to reveal the 3 dots menu, then select "Upgrade to XL." 

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