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Who can use this feature?

New Users and Already Existing Users

Free and Pro


Whether you're a new user looking to get set up with an account, or a long-time user of Whereby, you can Sign up or Log in to your account from our homepage at

From there, click on either the Log in or Get Started link, depending on what you need to do. Currently we offer two methods for logging in, and details on both are below.

One-Time Code

Instead of offering a traditional username + password login, we use a secure, one-time login code when you need to get access to your account. This is more secure because it means that to access your Whereby account, you also have to have access to your email. It also means one less username and password to remember!

All users are able to use this option as long as they have a valid email address. Simply go to, and select the Login or Get Started options in the upper-right corner.

From there, enter your email address, and click the Login/Sign Up with Email button

After you do this, we'll send a login code to the email address you entered, which you can enter back at the Login/Sign Up page! Note that the code is only valid for 15 minutes from the time you requested it, so it should be used as soon as you get it.

Sign up/Log in with Google

If you or your company hosts email through Google, you can also use the Sign up/Log In with Google option that shows on both the Log In or Sign Up pages. Simply click the button pictured below, and select the account you'd like to use.

What's great is that you can even use this is you were using the login code option in the past!

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