Add Members to your Organization

Who can use this feature?

  • Admins
  • Business

After setting up your new Business account, you can add the rest of your team so they can create their own Personal rooms and access Team rooms.

Team Members can manage Team rooms just like they can manage their Personal room, including ability to:


To add new members , go to your Dashboard and click on the Team link

Admins vs Users

Admins: Administrators added to the account will be able to add other users, adjust the branding for the account, and edit billing information as needed. All administrators will get their own Personal room and be able to create Team rooms. 

Users: Users will receive their own Personal room and be able to create Team rooms. They will be able to view all Team rooms from their dashboard and enter Team rooms as owners of the room. They will NOT be able to edit billing, users, or customization on the account. 

From this page you can see a list of users that are in your organization, as well as if they're an Admin or not. If you are an Admin, you will see the option to add members. 

You can add one email at a time or multiple emails separated by a comma. Be sure to choose the appropriate role (Admin or User). After clicking Send invite, the users will get an email in their inbox letting them know they've been invited, and they can complete the registration at their convenience. They must accept the invitation from the email in order to be added to the team. For detailed instructions on accepting a Business invitation, see our Accept an Invite to your Organization article.

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