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If your company has recently starting using a Whereby Business plan and you got an invite to the subdomain, this guide will walk you through creating your user

Accept an Invite & Create an Account

Click the Accept invitation link to go to the account creation page, where you can choose your Display Name that will show in a room while you're logged in
After creating your name, you'll be asked to create your own personal meeting room. This will be separate from any Team rooms and will be yours to control
After Creating your room, you'll be taken to your Whereby for Business Dashboard. This will list any Team Rooms that are owned on the account, and is also a place where you can access your personal room.

Quick Answers

What's the difference between Personal & Team Rooms?
Personal Rooms

Your personal room is much like a personal virtual office, perfect for private conversations or quick syncs with team members. Your personal room can be locked so guests or other users in your organization can't join without permission. This way there won't be a chance for interruption during a focused work session.

Team Rooms

Team rooms are accessible to the entire team organization. We consider these much like virtual conference rooms perfect for weekly team syncs or external client meetings for projects that involve several team members. Every user in your organization will be able to lock the team room to outside guests, enter the room when locked, and let in outside guests. All members of the organization also have the ability to record a meeting as long as they're using Chrome.

Working on building a little company culture across time zones and distance? Make a team room called "happy hour" or "lunch break" and set up a weekly social time for people in your organization.

How do I turn on Room Notifications?

You can only add notifications for your personal room by following the instructions in our Notifications user guide!

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