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Owning a Room

Every Whereby meeting takes place in a "room" with its own customizable link that doesn’t change (unless you want it to). Share your room link or join a meeting with a single click. Guests knock to enter and hosts let them in. Personal rooms are ideal for small meetings of up to 4 people, and bigger gatherings of up to 50 can be held in team rooms. When you create a room you're assuming ownership of the virtual space, and you'll have the ability to:


Upgrade to a Pro or Business plan to get additional, bigger rooms. Upgraded rooms host up to 50 people, with 12 visible over video at any given time. These paid plans unlock features like in-meeting recording and custom branding. Add-on to your plan, upgrade your account, or cancel anytime.

Create a Room on Desktop

Create an account if you do not have one already by going to our Signup Page.
After you have created an account or logged in, you will be directed to the Dashboard where you will be able to create new rooms or see any current rooms you own.
From here, click the Create My Room button, this opens a box where you can type in your desired room name. After your room is created, share the link with anyone you'd like to meet with! 

Create a Room on iOS

To create a room on iOS, start by logging in to your account.
From the home page, tap the Create Room button, and type in the room name that you want to Create.

After clicking Create room, you'll be taken directly to the room where you can copy the link and invite your guests!

Create a Room on Android

Start by going to on your phone's browser, and log in to your Whereby account if you haven't already (we recommend using Chrome)
If you don't have any rooms attached to your account, you'll automatically be prompted to create a room. If you have a Pro account and you're creating additional rooms, click the Add Room button and go to Step 3.
In the popup window, type the name of the room you want to create and click Add room. We'll let you know if the room already exists!
Once you're in the room, you can invite users by tapping on the Share Link button, or by copying the room URL and sharing it.

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