At Whereby, we’re working hard to make video meetings easy for you and your business. We want to focus on delivering the most reliable, highest quality video experience possible; while still making it easy to use. Part of this means making remote collaboration easier, which is why we’ve created integrations with other popular tools!

So far we’ve joined forces with the following services:

  • Google Drive: Store and share your files with the rest of your team.
  • Trello: Follow progress on projects using Trello’s kanban-style boards.
  • YouTube: Watch your uploaded videos on YouTube together!
  • Miro: Collaborate using a whiteboard to express and share your ideas.

To learn more on how to use the integrations click on the tabs below, but first here are some instructions!

Enable or Disable Integrations

Integrations are enabled by default and can be used by all participants in a room. A Room Owner can disable an integration by selecting "Configure integrations." Integrations can be disabled or re-enabled at any time. 

Start by hovering over the Share icon, and click Configure integrations.
This brings up a menu where you can use the toggle switch enable or disable integrations.

Use Integrations

Who can use these integrations?

Room Owners and Participants

All Plans

Google Drive

With the Google Drive integration, you can pull up a live, interactive view of any document in your Drive Folders (Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc). Everyone in the room can edit and make changes in real time. Perfect for collaborating without getting hundreds of comment notifications!

Be sure that Google Drives is enabled in your Integrations settings. Then select the Google Drive option in the Share menu and paste the link to your document.


For the Google Drive integration to work, everyone in the room needs to have sharing permissions to the document and be signed in to a Google account. As a best practice, we usually recommend copying the Sharing Link so that anyone with the link automatically has access.

If you instead want to share a document for people to view rather than make live changes on, we recommend using a simple screen share rather than this integration. 


Similar to the Google Docs integration, the Trello integration allows you to share a live, interactive view of a Trello board so everyone can edit it together in real time.

To use this, be sure that Trello has been enabled in your Integrations settings. Then select the Trello option in the Share menu and paste the link to your board.



When recording a meeting while using the YouTube integration, any audio from the video will not be captured in the recording. If you need to capture audio from the video you're viewing in the Whereby recording, we recommend sharing your screen with audio.

Our team always felt like we were asking each other: "Hey, have you seen that YouTube video where..." Now we have made it easier to watch YouTube videos together with other people in a Whereby room. No more sending links via e-mail and chat, just hop in a room and enjoy a video together!

To use this, hover over the Share menu option, select YouTube, and paste in the link to the video that you want to share!

Host Controls

With the YouTube integration the host can pause, play, and scrub (advance/go back to a different point) the video for everyone in the room, which makes it easy to discuss parts of the video as you go. If another user joins mid-meeting, the video will automatically scrub to the point in the video where the rest of the room is as well. Please note that the audio controls for the video only work locally, so raising or lowering the audio will only happen for the host and not other guests in the room.

Guest Controls

Guests will not have any control options for the video, but they can still locally pause the video if they need to by clicking on it (this will only happen for them, without pausing the video for others in the room). Additionally, users can click on the three dot menu in the top right corner of the video to see options for locally adjusting the volume, and to fullscreen the video if they want.

Troubleshooting Note

Is your video stopping early for some people? This problem can occur when each participant's clock is not 100% synchronized. In the future we hope to improve how the integration handles this problem.

For now, the next time you experience this issue please ask participants to open the date and time preferences on their computer and click "synchronize" or "set date and time automatically." That should fix the playback stopping early. There are instructions below for both Windows and Mac operating systems:

  • Set time on Windows: Start > Settings > Time & language > Date & time > Set time automatically
  • Set time on Mac: > System Preferences, then click Date & Time > Set time automatically


With the Miro integration, you can collaborate on your Miro boards in real time with guests that you have in your room! Use the instructions below to use Miro in your room.


Click into the Share menu in the room, and select Miro from the list


This will open up a small window, where you can sign in to your Miro account and see your boards. From here you can select an existing board to share, or create a new one.


After selecting a board, you'll be prompted to select the permissions you'd like to set for the board. You'll need to be sure that you select an option so that all participants in the room can access the board so everyone can see it. After making a selection, the pop up window will close and your board will load in the room!


In some cases there can be trouble sharing Miro boards due to restrictions at the company level. You can review Miro's sharing policy and check with your team to make adjustments accordingly.