How to Share your Screen

Who can use this guide?

  • Room Owners and Participants
  • All Plans

Screen sharing is a great way to enhance your meetings and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

To start, hover over the Share button in the bottom toolbar, then select Share screen. 
You will then be prompted to choose what you want to share: Your Entire Screen, an Application Window, or a single Browser Tab: 


During this step you can also tick the Share Audio box in the bottom left corner to share your local audio in the room. This is perfect for sharing a video or audio file if it isn't hosted on YouTube. What you can share depends on your operating system, so review what's available below:


On MacOS, you're only able to share a specific Chrome tab, and sharing audio for your entire computer or a specific application window isn't possible at this time.


On Windows machines, you'll have the option to share audio from any Chrome tab, and you can also share the audio for your Entire Screen.

Make your selection, click the "Share" button, and you'll be sharing: 

Any problems? Check out our Screen Sharing Tips & Tricks article for more info! 

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