With the Recording Add-On you can record your meetings with the push of a button, and download the file for later use! Share it with your remote employees, or post it in your group communication channel for later viewing. Recording is available as a $5/month Add-On in the Pro plan, and is included by default in all Business plans.


  • The Record option is only available to the Room Owner and any Business plan Users
  •  Recording is only supported in Chrome right now

Record a meeting

You can start a recording in your room at any time by clicking on the Recording button in the bottom toolbar.

After clicking this button, you'll get a notification that has some best-practices advice, and also lets you know that you need to download the recording when you're done. Click I understand to go to the next step.

The final thing that you'll need to do is select the Chrome tab that your room is open on. We make this easy by changing the tab text, and you'll just want to make sure you're selecting the one that's highlighted below.

After confirming you'll be taken back to the view of your room. A notification will appear in the room for you and every one of your guests to let them know that you're recording the conversation. This notification won't go away until it's Dismissed.

Download your Recording

When you're done with your meeting, or when you want to stop recording click the Stop sharing button (if you hid the bottom notification, just click the Recording button again).

After you end the recording, a new notification will show in the top right corner or your screen. Click Get recording now to go to the download page.

This screen will show your current, and historical recordings. These recordings are stored locally in your browser cache, so they will only be available on the device that they were originally recorded on. If you log in to your account from a different computer, these recordings will not be available for download. We highly recommend downloading your recordings immediately after your meeting to ensure that you don't lose any recordings. We do not store any recorded meetings in our servers, and there isn't a way for us to recover lost recordings!

Recording Best Practices

Recording is a great tool that can enhance the way you and your team collaborate. To make sure that you get the most out of Recording, we recommend sticking to these guidelines for best practices. This will also help to prevent any lost recordings, and ensures that the privacy of your guests is maintained. Below are the main things that you need to keep in mind during each step of the process.

Table of Contents

Starting your Recording

Select the correct tab when starting the Recording 

Dismiss the Recording notification so that it doesn't show in your final recording 

Screen Sharing while Recording

When Screen Sharing, be sure to dismiss the notifications you get to let you know that your screen is being shared. These notifications will show in your Recording if they aren't dismissed.

Ending your Meeting and Recording

It is critical that the Recording is ended by clicking on the Stop Recording button. In some cases recordings haven't saved correctly, or at all, so to prevent data loss the recording must be ended before leaving the room.

Saving your Recording

We recommend saving your Recording immediately after ending your meeting. Recordings are only stored locally in your device's browser cache, and recordings are not stored on the Whereby servers. Ideally, you should download your recording immediately after ending it via the "Get recording now" button that shows in the room.

However you can also access your stored recordings via the notification banner that shows on the Dashboard. Both of these options will take you to the Recording Take-Out Page, where you can Save recordings to your computer.

After Saving your recordings, we recommend Deleting them from the Take-Out Page. The amount of storage in your browser cache can vary based on the free storage on your computer. In cases where the browser cache is full, it is possible for recordings to be corrupted, or incomplete.

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