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This guide is designed to help new users get to know Whereby, and get their system ready for a video meeting! It's broken up into sections that increase in complexity, so if you are only going to join someone else's room and aren't interested in registering, all of the important information is right at the top!

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Supported Devices & Network Requirements

Because Whereby runs entirely in your browser, it's able to run with minimal requirements. For a good experience, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  1. It runs an up-to-date, support browser like Chrome or Firefox
  2. It runs an up-to-date operating system like MacOS Mojave or Windows 10
  3. It has a stable internet connection of at least 3.2Mb/s outbound and inbound

These are just the basics, and you can find more in-depth information in these articles: Supported Devices & Network Requirements 

Join a Whereby Meeting

What makes Whereby different from other video meeting systems is that it doesn't require any downloads or logins for guests! The list below is an overview of how to join a meeting, but you can find more detailed instructions with pictures in our Join a Meeting article. To join the meeting, do the following:

Open up a Supported Browser (we recommend the most recent builds of Chrome or Firefox)
Paste the Room Link that was sent to you by the host into the navigation bar


If you were only given a Room Name, the Room Link will be: https://whereby.com/"RoomName"

Enter in your name in the prompt
If this is your first time joining a Whereby meeting, allow Whereby to access your microphone and camera (you can always disable these after you enter the room!)
After allowing access, you'll see an image of yourself and if you wish you can disable your camera and/or microphone. Once you you are ready, you can click the Join Room or Knock button to enter the meeting from here!

Create a Whereby account

While you don't need a Whereby account to join other user's meetings or user features in other user's rooms, we do require an account if you want to host your own meetings. 

To sign up for an account, go to our Sign up page. If your email is hosted by Google, you can use the Sign up with Google button. Otherwise, enter your email address and we'll send you a one-time code that you can use to confirm it
Check your email for the one-time use code. If you don't see it, try checking your Spam folder, or adding @whereby.com to your email whitelist and requesting a new code
Select the plan type you'd like to sign up with. You can click on the Details link for more information on each plan type
After setting up your login, you can Create your own room. This will give you a permanent URL, where you can host your own Whereby meetings

Room Basics

Once you're in the room, there are a number of features that are available to you. Below are the most commonly used features, but you can view details on all aspects of Whereby in the other sections of the Support Center!

Invite Other Users

Since your room name is a website URL, to invite others you can simply copy and paste the web address into an e-mail or message or you can use the copy link button inside the room to copy it. Participants can then click on the link from the e-mail or message to go straight to the room!

 Share your Screen

Sharing your screen in a room is a key feature for many Whereby users, so we made it as simple as possible. The specific options will vary from browser to browser, so see below for examples of this.

Firefox supports screen sharing without any downloads necessary, but older versions of Chrome and Opera require an extension to be downloaded to enable screen sharing. This is a requirement on the browser level for privacy reasons, but once the extension is installed you don't need to worry about it anymore! You can download the extension in the  Chrome Webstore for free!

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