My login code isn't arriving in my email or isn't working

We use login codes instead of a traditional password login so we can ensure your Whereby account is as secure as possible. The login code is emailed to your account email, and is valid for 15 minutes after you request it. 

My code isn't arriving in my email

If your code doesn't arrive in your email, it usually means that the email is being filtered out by your email service. The first thing to check in this situation is if the code was sent to your Spam folder. If you don't see the email in your spam folder though, it's possible that your email service is filtering out the login code entirely. In this situation, we recommend whitelisting * and requesting a new code.

My code isn't working

If your code isn't working, the first thing to try is manually typing the code in instead of copy-pasting it. In some cases a phantom space or character can be copied from the email, which can cause the code to throw an error. Another possibility is that several codes were requested at once and caused the system to lock up. In this situation we recommend waiting 5 minutes before requesting a new code.

Still having trouble? Shoot us an e-mail at with your room name. 

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