Shared Rooms vs. Flex Rooms

Shared rooms and Flex rooms are two types of Whereby rooms available for the customers of our Business plan. They both have the same functionalities available for meeting participants (Screen Sharing, Integrations, Breakout Groups, Background effects etc.).

Both Shared and Flex rooms can be locked or unlocked. And in both types of rooms all registered users of your account will have access to extended meeting features (start/stop recording, mute certain people etc.). Learn more about host features.

Shared rooms were designed for internal collaboration between members of your Whereby account. Therefore, in Shared rooms only registered Whereby users of your account are able to let anonymous guests into a locked room. And if the Shared room is unlocked, at least one logged in Whereby user must be present in the room before guests could join. 

Flex rooms are a better choice for meetings where none of the participants are registered users of your Whereby account. Each Flex room can be entered using one of two links: a regular room link or a host link. All guests, who shouldn't have access to host features need to use the regular room link. Anyone entering the Flex room with a host link will have access to host features and will be able to let guests into a locked room. If the Flex room is unlocked, anyone with a regular room link will be able to join the meeting without knocking.


Flex rooms feature is only available for customers of our Business plan with User Licence model and is currently in Beta. As such, its functionality, design and commercial aspects are subject to change at any time.