Reporting & Fighting Abuse

Law enforcement Requests

Information requests from law enforcement officials seeking user account records (Customer Information) from Whereby must be based on a valid legal process and be consistent with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Whereby is committed to respecting the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction it operates in, as well as the rights and freedom of its customers. As we are a Norwegian Company, any requests for Customer Information need to be directed via the Norwegian Police who, in turn, send us a formal request to obtain the information.

Therefore, to obtain Customer Information from Whereby, public authorities and law enforcement officials must contact the Norwegian Police first. Whereby will not provide Customer Information unless served with the appropriate legal basis for the type of information sought, such as a court order or warrant issued on showing a probable cause by an authorized court to issue such warrants or order.

Please contact the Norwegian police at the below address before submitting a law enforcement request to Whereby:

Telephone: 23 20 80 00

Fax: 23 20 88 80

Street address: Nils Hansens vei 25, 0667 Oslo

Postboks: 2094 Vika, 0125 Oslo

For more information about law enforcement requests, please email

Law enforcement Preservation Requests

Whereby may preserve Customer Information for up to 90 days upon receipt of valid law enforcement requests. Whereby will preserve information for an additional 90-day period upon receipt of a valid request to extend the preservation. If Whereby does not receive formal legal requests for the preserved information before the end of the preservation period, the preserved information may be deleted when the preservation period expires.

Preservation requests must be sent from an official law enforcement email to and must be sent on official law enforcement letterhead, signed by a law enforcement official, and must include:

  • The relevant account information identified for the customer whose information is requested to be preserved; and
  • A statement that steps are being taken to obtain a court order or other legal process for the data sought to be preserved.

Reporting Abuse

We take abuse on our platform very seriously and do everything we can to prevent it. While reporting online harassment to platforms can be cumbersome and may sometimes feel futile, it’s an important step to keep our platform safe. When a room is reported and there is evidence of prohibited user content or indication of suspicious activities (for example, very high volume of usage, use of suggestive user or room names, etc), we shut down the room.

You can submit reports to us in a few different ways:

  1. In Whereby Meetings free rooms, Select the "Report Abuse" button in the lower left corner. Then fill in and submit the brief form

  2. If the Report Abuse button is unavailable, please write to with as many details as you can provide:
    • Room name
    • Date, time, and time zone of incident
    • Description of what happened
    • Screenshots if available
    • Where you saw the room link advertised

If you are aware of any criminal activity that has happened in a Whereby room or have reasonable grounds to believe that criminal activity is imminent, we encourage you to report it to the Norwegian police. We can work with them to secure evidence and take further action as appropriate. You can use the online form on the Official website of the Norwegian Police to report crimes.