Whereby TLS Cipher Update

What is Changing?

As of February 14, 2022, Whereby will update to only support TLSv1.2 traffic with the following cipher suites:


Why are you making this change?

We are making this change to continue to keep our security practices up to date, so our users can be assured that their meetings are secure and private

What Could Happen after this Change?

For most users this will not have any impact on your meetings. Most devices will automatically make this switch through updates to your browser/operating system, but in cases where an older device is in use that doesn't support TLSv1.2 or any of the before mentioned cipher suites this will cause connection problems to Whereby rooms.

If you or a user is getting a message that the "site can't be reached", try updating the operating system and browser. It could also help to try a different browser, since some browsers have better legacy support than others.