Whereby Embedded FAQ

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In this section we've compiled some of the most common questions we get about Whereby Embedded and answers with more information, or instructions that you can follow.

Does Whereby Embedded support a recording feature?

Yes. We don't currently offer a cloud recording option, but local recording is available for room hosts. In order for Recording to work:

  • Recording must be enabled by adding ?recording=on as a URL parameter to your embedded iFrame.
  • Only participants using a hostRoomURL will be able to record.
  • The person recording must use Chrome and have the Whereby Extension installed.
Why don't my hosts have host privileges?

Host privileges will only become available available in a room 1 hour before the meetings startDate. All start and end times are in UTC, regardless of your location.

Why aren't my URL parameters working?

The most common error we see relating to URL parameters is incorrectly using "?" twice on the hostRoomURL. Roomkey is a parameter, combining parameters can be achieved by using the ampersand symbol (&) for example ?embed&screenshare=off. More details in our developer documents here.

Why can't I create an API key?

If you don't have an Embedded section on your dashboard, you've likely signed up for one of our standard Pro or Business plans. You can signup for a Whereby Embedded trial here.

Why do I receive a CORS policy error when trying to access the API?

You need to access the Whereby API from a server environment or computer. You aren't allowed access to the API via the browser console because it would expose your secret API key if we allowed that.

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