Spring 2021 Pricing Update

Starting in Spring 2021, we are making it easier to get started with Whereby for your team, no matter the size. Both of our paid plans, Pro and Business, will now be priced per user. 

For full details on our updated plans, please check out our Pricing Page

If you signed up for a paid plan prior to May 10, 2021, some features will be different than what is covered in the rest of our support center. Some key differences: 


On older Business Plans, pricing is based on the number of rooms. Moving forward, pricing will be based on the number of Users. Each User will get their own room to host meetings in. 


Recording is available as an add-on for Legacy Pro plans. Moving forward, Recording is automatically included in Pro and Business. 

Team rooms vs. Personal Rooms

Older Business plans have private Personal Rooms and shared Team Rooms. New Business plans now include what we're calling "Shared Rooms". There is not currently a limit to the number of shared rooms that can be created on a Business plan, however, they cannot be unlocked and as such must have a licensed user present to allow guests to enter. Pro accounts do not currently have an option for Shared Rooms.

Custom Subdomains

Legacy Pro plans do not have a custom subdomain, so room URLs are whereby.com/roomname. New Pro plans will include a unique subdomain.

Shared Accounts

Legacy Pro plans are for individual users only. Our new Pro plans can be shared among teams.