The February Forest Project

Help us plant one million trees by hosting a meeting on Whereby!

Read our blog post about the initiative, and check out answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Why trees

In a year that has kept the majority of us indoors, the great outdoors has provided welcome relief from our pandemic reality. We want to celebrate everything Mother Nature has given us by giving back to her, and planting a whole forest of trees. Not only are they lovely to look at, trees are an essential part of our ecosystem, providing habitat for wildlife, preventing water pollution, purifying the air we breathe, absorbing CO2e in the atmosphere, and many, many more things.

How are you working out the number of trees to plant?

We will be planting 1 tree for every 3 meetings that take place on Whereby throughout February. All meetings that take place will count towards the total number of trees that'll be planted.

Is there a limit on how many trees I can help plant?

Nope — no limit. We're pledging to plant 1,000,000 trees, and we look forward to you helping us meet that number by hosting!

I'm a guest in someone else's meeting — does that count towards the number of trees planted?

Every meeting will count towards the total, no matter how many attendees. Only registered users can see their number of trees planted from meetings in their personal room, though.

Where will the trees be planted?

The trees will be primarily be planted in a dedicated site in Boanamary, northwest Madagascar. Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island and an incredibly biodiverse country that's at risk of exceptionally high habitat loss, partly due to deforestation. Trees will also be planted in Kitiligini, Kenya and Mahubo, Mozambique.

What trees will I be helping to plant?

Mangroves! Totally tropical trees that have an incredible ability to store vast amounts of carbon, making them an essential part of our collective fight against climate change. These trees are important for protecting the ecosystem, restoring habitat for wildlife and they are a brilliant natural barrier for storm surges when planted along the coastline, too.

Who is planting the trees?

We've partnered with Brynk to plant the trees on our behalf. Brynk work with the Eden Reforestation Project who coordinate the planting with members of the local community in Boanamary, Madagascar, Kitiligini, Kenya and Mahubo, Mozambique.

Members of the local community are paid to plant and manage mangrove forests on community land surrounding the village. Not only does this help protect the vital biodiversity that relies on mangrove forests to survive, it provides a steadier source of income, too.

You can find out more on their website:

Can I see how many trees I've helped plant?

You can keep track of how many trees you've helped plant with a unique-to-you tree counter in your personal Whereby room, as well as seeing a summary on your post-meeting screen. If you want to see everyone's running total, you can take a look at

Why is there no tree counter in my Team Room?

We want to show you your personal impact. As our team rooms have multiple owners, it's not possible for us to count the number of meetings separately for each person to add to your personal counter. However, meetings in your team room will still count towards our grand total number of trees.

What is Whereby doing to help the environment?

We wouldn't claim to be perfect — hosting video meetings uses energy, too. However by running initiatives such as this one, we're working to offset our carbon emissions. As a company, we promote an environmentally conscious attitude in how we work. For example, we make very few business trips — even in a non-COVID world, too!

Why is this only for February? Will you continue to plant trees?

We're really hopeful this campaign will be the seed that sprouts ongoing initiatives and campaigns that support our planet, but for now we're focusing on February.

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