Slack's Whereby Integration


With Slack's Whereby Integration, you can generate a link to your room directly in your Slack workplace with either your Room Name, or picking from a list of rooms using the dropdown option!

Get the Slack integration

From the Slack App Directory, add the Whereby integration. 
Click the Connect account button. This will open up a new tab in your browser window where you can sign in to your Whereby account, or select the account you want to use 

Scroll up to the Apps tab, and click into the Whereby app - here you can see a list of all rooms in your account and a list of the slack commands:

Use the Slack integration

Once you have the integration connected to your account, you have a few options for generating a room link. To get a list of commands, type "/whereby help", and you'll see all the options available to you. 

Start a meeting

You can start a meeting with either of the two options below:

You can type "/whereby" to open up a dropdown menu, where you can select a room that's in your account. Click Start meeting to send a join option to everyone in the room!

You can type "/whereby start [room-name]" if you want to start a meeting in a specific room. Note that if you don't own the room that you're trying to start a meeting in, you'll get an additional notification to let you know about this.

Join a meeting

You can use "/whereby join [room-name] to directly join someone's room, without posting a join link in the Slack channel for others to use. Note that if you're part of a subdomain that you'll only be able to join rooms on that subdomain. Similar to the create option, if you don't own the room you'll get a notification of that fact.

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