Most common questions during COVID-19

Whether you are a seasoned remote worker or new to this world of working from home, it's a tough time for all of us. We are on a mission to overcome the challenge of connecting remotely and make this aspect of the "new normal" easy for our users. While our support and sales teams work on growing and meeting the increased demand for video conference support, we have compiled some frequently answered questions so you can get your answers fast. 

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Getting Started and Logging in

How do I join a meeting I have been invited to?

You can join a meeting with a click of a link or typing in the room address to your website URL bar. We have a super easy Quick start guide to follow here: Quick Start Guide.

How do I contact the person that invited me to the meeting (ie. my doctor, hiring manager, etc)?

We actually do not help facilitate meetings between users, rather we provide the technology for the video meeting itself. If you are needing to get in touch with the person that you are scheduled to meet with outside of the video room, you will want to contact them the same way they sent you the invite to the meeting (ie. email or text). 

I'm having trouble receiving the login code! What do I do? 

Normally when the code does not arrive after 15 minutes, we like to recommend the following: 

  • Add * to your email whitelist and check your spam folder. These emails can sometimes be filtered incorrectly by email services.
  • If you have a POP3 email, try to manually refresh that email on the email program you are using.

It says my login code is invalid or I need a new one. 

Try clearing your cache and cookies first and then logging in again and receiving a new code to do so. Instructions for clearing your cache and cookies can be found in the links below:

Our login codes are sent from an automated system and are triggered straight from the website. To trigger a new one to be sent, all you need to do is go back to (for already created accounts) OR (for new accounts) and re-enter your email.


My Camera and/or Microphone aren't working

Being 100% browser based, permissions are key for Whereby. So we always advise checking and resetting your permissions first. We outline how to do that in our support article here: Cam and Mic Settings

If all your permissions seem to be in the right place, we offer a troubleshooting guide: My Cam/Mic Isn't Working

I'm hearing an echo or not getting sound at all! 

Got you covered! Troubleshoot and Resolve Echoing in Your Room

If you can't hear specific people in a room check out our article here: I can't hear everyone

Managing your account, subscription and cancellations

All our plans can be purchased on a monthly basis or annually for a discounted price. All accounts will automatically renew as a subscription until cancelled through the Whereby dashboard. You can check out instructions on adding/removing the Recording feature, upgrading to an annual account, cancellations and more here: Manage Your Subscription

Looking for a specific feature?

Check out our most common requested features here and get some inside information on where we are with them!

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