How do I request new features?

We have been launching some big changes the last year including our new XL rooms and new design interface! We are still looking to grow our platform to fit your needs in the future as well! 

Top Requests 

We have received the following the most over the past month. Even though these feature requests are not on our immediate roadmap, they certainly are on our radar! In the meantime you can read some workarounds underneath each feature requests.

Local Language Support

Right now Whereby is supported in the following languages:

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

We have received a few requests for localized language support. This is actually something we are actively researching. In the mean time you can always use Google translate

Share Audio through Screen Share

Sharing sound through screen share, at the moment the Screen Sharing feature across all plans doesn't share computer audio with the other participants in the room. Part of the reason for this is to reduce the possibility of echoing, but this is also a limitation of the built-in screen sharing in Chrome and Firefox.

However, we do have an integration directly with YouTube, that will allow you to enter a Youtube link and the video will open and play for everyone in the room including the audio. You can learn more about that integration here: Integrations.

Alternative Login Methods

We are only offering the Google sign in and login with one-time times as an option for login. We hope to introduce more ways to login in the future! 

Manual Payments

We can only accept payment by credit card, and we don't have an option for any other payments like wire or PayPal right now. 

Mobile Screen Share 

Screen sharing is only supported on computers on any plan, but this is something that we've had requests for on Android & iOS. This is an extraordinary feature to build because it will take up a substantial amount of power on the mobile device. 

Make a Request

Send our customer support team and email with the subject Feature Request to We would love to hear as well why something like that feature would be useful to you!

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions be sure to check out the rest of our support center which is full of information! 

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