I can't see/hear everyone in my meeting


We're currently aware of an issue with users running Avast antivirus. The "Avast Web Shield" feature conflicts with sites using port 443 and can cause video feeds to appear as black frames in Whereby. We're working with Avast on a way for them to account for this in their platform, however to resolve Whereby related connection issues you'll need to disable that feature

Since Whereby is browser based, it is important to make sure that everyone's set up is up to par with our set up. If there are black frames or someone cannot be heard, it might be related to permissions, browser, device  or network.

Below are some tips on how to resolve this issue: 


The most common reason for these issues is related to network connections not being established between you and your guests.

For most users, this is related to network security, for example a VPN or a firewall.

  • If you have a VPN try disabling it and reconnecting to the room.
  • If you have a firewall, try configuring it with our basic setup recommendations.
  • Try connecting via an alternative network, such as a mobile hotspot.
  • Check that your Network meets all of our recommendations Network Requirements

If you are still running into issues and you are on one of our paid plans, please send us a message directly from your room or dashboard by selecting the "help" button.


Remove any background effects and noise reduction features that you have active.

It could be possible that another platform is taking microphone access so a quick way to fix this is to clear your cache and cookies. Below you can find further instructions depending on the browser you are using


Make sure your browser is running on the latest version. You can check Chrome,Firefox and Opera for updates.

There have been reports in the past where similar issues happen when a connection is made through a Safari or Edge browser. For good practice, we recommend using some of our more seasoned veterans such as Chrome or Firefox to see if the issue persists. 

While Edge & Safari are supported browsers of our technology (WebRTC), these browsers are still somewhat new to providing support to that technology and the WebRTC community has a few bug reports open with their development team that we are advocating to get fixed. Unfortunately since we are 100% browser based we are at the mercy of these dev teams to for some bug fixes on their side.


To ensure that your laptop/computer CPU can process media, you'll need to:

  • Turn off any software running on your computer that you do not need for streaming. Close all unnecessary browser windows, tabs, and any video intensive software.
  • Check Hardware Acceleration is enabled on both your browser and computer hardware. If it is, try turning it off and seeing the result. If it is not, try turning it on. On certain devices, this setting can cause issues.