I can't get 50 users in my room

Pro rooms can support up to 50 users at a time thanks to the XL room size. If you're in a Pro or Business room and still hitting the 4 participant limit, it's likely because the Room size needs to be switched to a Large room. A Room Owner can do this by clicking  the clicking the room name button pictured below and switching the size.

If you don't see the Room size option, there are a few other possibilities that could be preventing you from switching the Room size:

  1. The room you're in is not owned by your Pro or Business account
  2. You're in a Pro or Business room, but you aren't logged in to your account
  3. Your Pro subscription has been canceled, either manually or because of a failed payment. 
    For your room to have access to Pro features, it must be owned by your Pro account. You can see what rooms you own by logging in, and going to Whereby. You'll see the list of rooms owned by your account under the "Your Rooms" section. If the room is owned by a different account you can  Transfer it to your Pro account, and then the room will become a Pro room. Only Room Owners are able to switch the Room size. If you know your room is owned by your Pro account, and that you're an Owner, it's likely that you aren't logged in to your account. You can log in from within the room by clicking the Log In button in the top right corner.  If neither of the above possibilities are true, it likely means that your Pro subscription is inactive. This could be due to out of date card info, or a failed payment. You can view your subscription details by logging in to your Pro account, and going to www.whereby.com/user/subscriptions.

If you've checked all of the above and you're still unable to access the Room size feature, you can reach out to our support team at pro@whereby.com, and we'll investigate what's preventing you from accessing the higher room limit! 

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