I'm only seeing a blank white page

Why Could This Happen?

Because Whereby is 100% browser-based, it can be affected by the extensions that you have installed on your browser. If you navigate to Whereby and receive a blank white page, this is typically a result of an ad blocker or privacy extension. 

How can I fix this?

Depending on what extension you are using, you will want to safelist or whitelist Whereby on your blocker which should resolve the issue.

Here are couple of popular ones linked to articles on how to whitelist a domain:

I'm using an integration like Trello or Google Docs

If you can access the main Whereby application, but shared content through an integration isn't showing up, it's likely being caused by a third party cookie blocker. Make sure that you allow third party cookies for the site. These are enabled by default in all browsers, but some users chose to disable them. If you have third party cookies disabled, make sure to enable them or safelist the relevant integration domain in your browser.

Find out more about managing your cookie settings here: