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Room Types Compared

In Whereby Business there are two different types of rooms: Personal and Team rooms. Personal rooms are your private space to host small meetings of up to 4 people. Personal rooms can't be accessed by other users in your organization when the room is Locked. 

Conversely, Team rooms can hold up to 50 people and are accessible by other users in your organization at any time (even when Locked). You can use the Lock feature to stop users outside of your organization from joining!

Personal Rooms

Personal rooms are Created as part of our registration process, and every user will create a Personal room immediately after registering for their account. Personal Rooms do not include Recording. 

Team Rooms

Team rooms can be created by Admin and User accounts, and the maximum number of Team Rooms you can create is based on package size you have. You can Create new rooms by following the steps below. Team Rooms all include the Recording feature. 

Setting up Rooms

Use the instructions below to set up new Team Rooms. Personal Rooms are created as part of the registration process, and there isn't currently a way to have more than one Personal Room

Go to your Dashboard ( [subdomain] ) and scroll to the bottom of your current room list.
Click on the Add room button.
Type in the desired room name and click Create.

Customize Rooms

With the Business plan, you can choose to have consistent branding across all of the rooms in your organization, or you can customize individual rooms to give them your own personal flair! Depending on your user role in the account, you'll have one of the following permissions:

  • Admins are able to set company-wide branding via the Branding tab in the account, and are also able to set individual branding for their Personal Room and Team Rooms
  • Users are able to set individual branding on their Personal Rooms and Team Rooms they have created. 

Start on the Dashboard and click on Branding in the sidebar. Select from the dropdown menu if you want to customize all rooms or a single room.


From there you can see the current customizations that are in place, and make changes as necessary.

Click on the Choose button to upload images for each option, or click reset to go back to the default Whereby settings. These changes will be applied immediately. 

You can use the dropdown on the Branding page to select individual rooms to brand, but you can also update the branding for an individual room from the Room List if you want with the instructions below!

Start on the Dashboard, and hover over the room name that you want to customize
Click on the three dot menu, and select Settings
From this page, you can set the individual customization for your room

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