How to Upgrade to Business

On-boarding your team to a new product is always a daunting task, so we created this guide to walk you through all the items you need to accomplish to ensure a smooth transition to using Whereby Business! See below for full instructions with pictures to guide you through.


To create a Business account for your team, go to and enter your business details (team name, unique subdomain, your name and email address). When everything is set, click Continue to receive your login code which will be sent to your email. After entering it, you will be brought to the page where you can choose your plan size: 


On this screen, select the number of Team Rooms that suits your needs. Team Rooms can be accessed and used by any Users you add to your team. These XL rooms can hold up to 50 people, with 12 being on video at once, and also include the Recording function. 

In addition, any User you add to your team will get their own Personal Room for small meetings of up to 4 people. Recording is not available in Personal Rooms. Read more about our room sizes


After selecting your plan, enter in the Billing Contact information. This is the information that will appear on your invoices, and also the email address where we'll send your invoices.


After you click Continue, you'll be taken to the screen where you can enter your Payment method. For all plans besides Whereby Embedded, we can only accept payment by Credit or Debit Card and use Stripe as our payment processor. After entering your card information, review the charge information on the right and the proceed to click Pay.


After completing your order, you can set up your Personal room and a Team Room. Type in the name you want and click Continue

After creating your rooms you'll be taken to your Business Dashboard. From here you can add additional users, and set up Team rooms. For more information check out our page about Business Team Management!

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