Upgrade or Downgrade your Business Plan

Who can use this guide?

Account Owners


If at anytime you need to add more rooms or remove some rooms on your plan you can do this directly in your Whereby Dashboard. If you're adjusting your plan during the billing period, you will receive a pro-rated credit applied at checkout. See below for more instructions on how to change your plan:

Go to your subdomain while logged in to your account
Click the on the Subscription side Menu.

Click Edit next to your subscription, and select the Edit plan option


At this stage you can either remove rooms or add rooms depending which plan you are currently are. The option for less rooms will only be given if your current room count is less than the next downgraded plan. (For example here, the account has 13 rooms in use, so it cannot downgrade to the 10 room plan until more rooms are deleted.)

You will then make any adjustments to the billing information in the if necessary, if not click Continue
Update payment information and click Pay once you have verified in the order is correct.
You will now be able to see your plan adjust to the amount of rooms you have selected.

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