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You can cancel a Whereby Pro subscription at any time without penalty. Note that our Pro plans are pre-paid for the full period of service in advance, and when you cancel your account you'll continue to have Pro features for the remainder of the period you've paid for. The instructions are the same for both the Annual and Monthly options. See below for details:

Go to while logged in to your Pro account.
Click on Subscription in the side menu.
Click the Edit button next to your subscription, and select the Cancel subscription option.
This brings up a menu that reviews the changes to your account. If you own more than one room, you'll need to select which room you want to keep as the Free plan only allows for one room.
After confirming everything, you'll see the subscription listed as canceled with a date on when the changes will take effect.


If you are an Annual subscriber and you change to a monthly plan, you won't be charged on a monthly basis until your Next Billing Date. As you have prepaid for the year, your annual subscription will need to run out first before it updates to a monthly subscription.

Similarly, if you cancel an Annual plan, you will still have access to Pro features through the pre-paid period from when you subscribed. This is shown as your Valid Until date. As your features will remain active, no automatic refunds will be issued when cancellation is submitted.

Quick Answers

What happens when I cancel my Pro plan?

All of our paid plans are pre-paid for the period you select. So if you have a monthly Pro plan and cancel it in the middle of the month, you'll still have Pro features through the full period that you paid for. Then instead of renewing at your renewal date, you'll be downgraded to the Free plan.

Do you offer refunds when canceling a subscription?

Our team works hard to make sure you have a service that fits you well. We work with refund requests on a case by case basis. However, all invoices older than 90 days will be deemed correct and ineligible for refund consideration.

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