Customize Your Room

Who can use this feature?

Room Owners


With your Pro subscription you can customize your Whereby room to feature your team's branding! This is great for keeping your company's brand at the forefront of your meetings, or for making your meeting space match your preferences.


To customize your room, start on your Dashboard while logged in. From there find the room you would like to customize from your rooms list.


Scroll over the room name and find the (...) menu that appears to the right of the name.


When you click the three dots choose Settings and on the next page you can upload your images for room logo, background, and welcome screen (when the room is locked).

Your images will be scaled to fit different screen sizes, and will be cropped differently depending on the users' browser window. Note that we’ll automatically add a dark transparency to the image, which ensures that the user interface is readable for everyone.

After you have uploaded your images you can show off your newly branded virtual meeting room!

Please remember to keep those images professional and appropriate! You can read more about that under our Terms of Service.

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