I'm experiencing problems after moving to Whereby

Even though we changed our name to Whereby, none of the technical makeup of software has changed but there could be other factors such as cam/mic permissions or security provisions that can cause problems in your Whereby room. For further instructions, please refer to the sub-section that relates to your issue below: 

If you cannot see yourself or you're unable to turn on your cam & mic:

Since Whereby is a different domain than appear.in you may need to permit cam & mic permissions on your browser and/or computer again. We already have a support center article linked below with step by step instructions on how to check your permissions with Whereby. 

My Cam/Mic isn't working

If you are not able to connect or cannot hear or see others in your room: 

Typically when these types of issues arise, they can relate to a poor network connection or other security provisions such as Firewalls, VPNs or Ad Blockers. Below is a list of the most common causes of any network connection related issue and their respective solutions!

  • Firewall: To use Whereby behind your firewall, a network administrator will need to adjust the settings on the firewall. For this to work, port 443 will need to be open to all TCP and UDP traffic. [Source]
  • VPN/ Proxy: Whitelist our domain whereby.com or disable the VPN/Proxy. [Source]
  • Network Content Filter: Disable
  • Anti-virus browser plug-ins: Disable
  • Ad blocker/tracker blockers: Disable

If you are still running into issues or if your issue is not listed: 

Send us an email with the symptoms and device info so we can provide some further steps on how to resolve this! 

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