Room Management on iOS

Create a room

To create a room on iOS, start by logging in to your account.
From the home page, tap the Create a Room button, and type in the room name that you want to Create.

After clicking Create room, you'll be taken directly to the room where you can copy the link and invite your guests! This will also add the room to your account, and allow you do to things like Lock the room or kick users from the room!

Delete a room

You can Delete a room on iOS from your Dashboard while logged in. Simply swipe to the left on the room that you'd like to Delete to reveal the Delete option. To finish, tap the Delete option and confirm the deletion!

The main reason you would want to Delete a room is if you wanted to Create a new one with a new name. Many users find they like to change their room name periodically, and the best way to do this is Delete the unwanted room and Create a new one!

Another reason you may want to Delete a room from your account is so that another Whereby user can Create it on their account. After Deleting it from your account, the Room Link will be available!

Change the Background Image in your Room

Start by entering the room you want to change the background for, and clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner
Scroll down and tap on Edit background image

Choose to either upload an image from your device's library, or take a photo

When you re-enter the room, you'll see your updated background image!

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