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Room Lock and Knocking

We introduced the Room Lock as a way to guarantee that your conversations in the room a private, and so that other users can't join mid-meeting and interrupt by accident. We recommend keeping your room Locked at all times after you've Created it, and only Unlocking it if you're expecting a lot of users to join. If users show up late to a meeting that you've already Locked, they can Knock to be let in!

Lock/Unlock the Room

To Lock, click the Lock button in the top bar to Lock your room. To Unlock, click the button again! You should see the padlock change depending on if the room is locked or unlocked.

Let in Knocking Users

If a user tries to enter your room when it's Locked, they'll be taken to your Knock Page. This lets the user know that the room can't be entered without permission, and gives the user the option to Knock to be let in.

When a user Knocks, the Room Owner will get a notification that someone would like to join the meeting. A Knocking User can either be Let in if you were expecting someone, or you can See who was knocking if you aren't sure. 

If you select the See who option, you can then Let the user in, Put them on Hold, or Reject them entry to the room.

Participant Controls

When you're in a meeting, there are many different options you can use on a per-user basis depending on what your role in the room is and what you need to do. All of these options can be accessed by hovering over the user in question and clicking on the three dots that appear in the top right corner of their feed. Features that are restricted to Room Owners appear below the line. Below you'll find descriptions of what each option does.

  • Enlarge/Minimize: Make someone's feed the focus on your screen, or make their feed smaller
  • Fullscreen: Make someone's feed take up your entire screen
  • Disable Sound: Locally Mute the user (this doesn't mute the user for everyone in the room)
  • Invite Member (Legacy Pro only): Invite this user to be a Member of your room
  • Remove: Temporarily kick the user from your room

Note that the Enlarge, Fullscreen, and Disable Sound options are also available when you hover over the user's video feed for quick access.

Room Toolbar

When you're in a room, you have a number of different options that are available in the Room Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. These options allow you to do things like temporarily mute your mic or cam, and also where sharing features like screen sharing can be accessed. See below for descriptions of each option.

  • Share screen: Use this feature to share your screen with other participants. For full details on this, see our article in the Screen Sharing section.
  • Mic off: Use this to mute your own mic, so other participants can't hear you
    💡PRO Tip: You can also press "M" on your keyboard as a shortcut
  • Cam off: Use this to turn your camera feed off so other participants can't see you
  • Leave: This button lets you leave the room when you're done with your meeting
  • Open Chat: Open up the in-room chat to share a link, or comment without a mic

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