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View Past Invoices

If you need to view your most recent invoice, or get a list of all of your historical invoices, you can do so from the My account area. Go to while logged in to your Pro account, and click on the View past invoices button.

This will pull up a list of any billing activity on your account, such as refunds or invoices. You can click on the name of the document to open up a preview in your browser, or click on the small button to download it to your computer.

Update Your Billing Details

If you need to update your billing details such as your billing email, payment method, or invoice details, you can do so from your account page. See below for details:

  1. Go to and Log in if you aren't already
  2. Go to then scroll down to the Billing section

The Billing Contact details are what will be on the invoices we send to you when you're billed for Pro, and the Billing email is where we will send them. You can add details like your VAT number, Address, and Name on the invoice. Note that a VAT number is required for reverse VAT charges to populate correctly on the invoice.

The Payment method is the credit or debit card that we'll charge for your subscription fees, and can also be updated with the Edit button.

Change Between the Annual or Monthly Billing Model

With the new Annual billing model for Pro, you can simplify your accounting and avoid potential international transaction fees by paying for Pro on a yearly basis. The Annual model also includes a discount when compared to the Monthly model because the full year's subscription is paid in advance. You can change between these models as necessary, but note that the change won't take effect until the Next Billing Date listed in your Plan info. See below for instructions on switching between the models:

  1. Go to and Log in if you aren't already
  2. Go to
  3. Click the three dots next to your subscription listing to show your subscription options

  4. Click the Change to Annual or Change to Monthly option depending on what your current plan is

  5. This opens a billing screen similar to the one you saw when you originally registered, where you can confirm your selection

  6. Select the relevant option and click Continue when everything looks good

  7. Confirm your billing details, and click Pay to finalize the order

Cancel Your Pro Subscription

You can cancel a Whereby Pro subscription at any time without penalty. Note that our Pro plans are pre-paid for the full period of service in advance, and when you cancel your account you'll continue to have Pro features for the remainder of the period you've paid for. The options are the same for both the Annual and Monthly options. See below for detailed instructions on canceling:

  1. Go to and Log in if you aren't already
  2. Click your profile avatar in the top menu, then click on Subscription
  3. Click the three dots next to your subscription, and select the Cancel subscription option

  4. This brings up a menu that reviews the changes to your account. If you own more than one room, you'll need to select which room you want to keep as the Free plan only allows for one room
  5. After confirming everything, you'll see the subscription listed as canceled with a date on when the changes will take effect


If you are an Annual subscriber and you change to a monthly plan, you won't be charged on a monthly basis until your Next Billing Date. As you have prepaid for the year, your annual subscription will need to run out first before it updates to a monthly subscription. 

Similarly, if you cancel an Annual plan, you will still have access to Pro features through the pre-paid period from when you subscribed. This is shown as your Valid Until date. As your features will remain active, no automatic refunds will be issued when cancellation is submitted. 

Re-activate Your Pro Subscription

If you cancel your subscription and later decide that you'd like to re-activate it, we make it fast and easy to do so. At the moment the option to re-activate is only available while your Pro features are still active, but you can always go through the normal subscription process if you've reverted back to a Free account. See below for instructions:

  1. Go to and Log in if you aren't already
  2. Click your profile avatar in the top menu, then click on the My account link
  3. Under the Plan tab, click the Restart subscription button

  4. After clicking this your order will automatically process, and you'll get a notification that it was successful

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