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Profile Details

We avoid collecting unnecessary data as much as we can, but there are two details that we require to have a Whereby account. These are your Display Name and your Login Email. These have been explained in detail below:

Display Name: This is the name that shows beneath your video feed when you're in a room. You can change this by tapping in the field and then Saving the change

Login Email: This is the email you use to log in to Whereby. You can change this by tapping in the field and replacing it with the new email. We'll send a confirmation code to the email you typed in, and to confirm the change the code needs to be entered in the popup

Profile Picture

You can update your profile picture on your Android device from the Dashboard at any time while you're logged in. These instructions are the same for all Android devices.

Log in to your account, and tap on the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen      
Tap the Upload Image button
Select a photo from your device to use as your Profile Picture
Then, your photo will update to your account! You can tap Reset to go back to the default profile image, or tap Upload to try out a new photo
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