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About Business Rooms

In Whereby Business there are three different types of rooms: Personal, Team, and Extra Large rooms. Personal rooms are your private space to host meetings, as Personal rooms can't be accessed by other users in your organization when the room is Locked. 

Conversely, Team rooms are accessible by other users in your organization at any time (even when Locked), but you can still use the Lock feature to stop users outside of your organization from joining! 

Finally, Extra Large rooms are a new meeting experience for large meetings of up to 50 participants! 12 users can be "active speakers" with their camera and microphones active, while everyone else is "in the audience". This experience is currently in Beta for Business accounts.

Setting up Rooms

Personal Rooms

Personal rooms are Created as part of our registration process, and every user will create a Personal room immediately after registering for their account.

Team Rooms

Team rooms can be created by Admin and User accounts, and the maximum number of Team Rooms you can create is based on the version of Whereby Business that you have. You can Create new rooms by doing the following: 

Go to your Dashboard ( [subdomain] ) and scroll to the bottom of your current room list.
Click on the Add room button 
Type in the desired room name and click Create

Extra Large Rooms

Extra Large Rooms have support for up to 50 participants, with 12 being on video at the same time. Remaining participants will be audio-only spectators, who can unmute audio or push space to talk. It is possible to rotate which participants are on video, by people muting/unmuting their camera. This mode is great for company-wide all hands meetings, webinars, educational classes, conference presentations and other meetings where you want to invite many people to listen to a few speakers. 

Extra Large rooms is still in Beta, meaning that we may make smaller tweaks to the experience without notice. If you experience any bugs or have feedback, reach out on

Currently, it is not possible to change the status of existing room to be Extra Large. If you want to switch one of your existing rooms, you can just delete the room and re-create it as an Extra Large room.

How to create Extra Large rooms?

Extra Large rooms can be created by Admin accounts only, and you can create as many of these rooms as you plan limit will allow for! You can create them by doing the following:

Go to your Dashboard ( [subdomain] ) and scroll to the bottom of your current room list.
Locate the "Try the new Extra Large meeting rooms" box, and click the Add Extra Large Room button

Enter the room name, and click Add Room
The new room will show up in your rooms list with an "Extra Large Room (beta)" tag next to it. You can click on it to join, and invite users in like you would for any other room!

Customize Rooms

One of the great benefits of Business is that all of your rooms can be customized at the same time to ensure consistent branding within your organization! Only Admins are able to customize rooms, and at the moment there isn't an option to have different branding on a per-room basis.


Start on the Dashboard and click on Branding in the top toolbar 


From here, click on the Branding tab to show the customization options

Click on the Change link to upload images for each option, or click reset to go back to the default Whereby settings. These changes will be applied to all of the rooms in your Business account!
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