Join or Create a Whereby room on Android

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Before you start

Whereby for Android is in the process of being updated to a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA's offer many benefits over traditional mobile applications, and you can find more information on these benefits in our  PWA article.

Join an existing Room (no account required)

On Android joining a room is as simple as opening up Chrome on your phone and typing in the room URL. This will take you directly into the room so you can start your meeting!

Create a new Room (account required)

Start by going to on your phone's browser, and log in to your Whereby account if you haven't already (we recommend using Chrome) 

If you don't have any rooms attached to your account, you'll automatically be prompted to create a room. If you have a Pro account and you're creating additional rooms, click the Create a room button and go to Step 3

In the popup window, type the name of the room you want to create and click Enter room. We'll let you know if the room already exists!

Once you're in the room, you can invite users by tapping on the Share Room Link button, or by copying the room URL and sharing it

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