At Whereby, we’re working hard to make video meetings easy for you and your business. We want to focus on delivering the most reliable, highest quality video experience possible; while still making it easy to use. Part of this means making remote collaboration easier, which is why we’ve created integrations with other popular tools!

Enable/Disable Integrations

Integrations need to be enabled in your room before they're accessible. After they've been enabled in the room, you and your guests can use them for even better collaboration over video.

Start by hovering over the Share icon, and click Configure integrations
This brings up a menu where you can use the toggle switch enable or disable integrations
After closing out the window, the integrations will show up as an option in the Share menu

So far we've joined forces with:

Available in all plans


Our team always felt like we were asking each other: "Hey, have you seen that YouTube video where..." Now we have made it easier to watch YouTube videos together with other people in a Whereby room. No more sending links via e-mail and chat, just hop in a room and enjoy a video together! 

To use this, be sure that the YouTube integration has been enabled with the instructions above. Then select it in the Share menu, and paste in the link!

We are still working to develop this feature so it is in its simplest form right now. With that, you will not see the same functions (pause, rewind) to control the video as you would on YouTube. 

Available in Pro and Business plans only

Google Docs

With the Google Docs integration, you can pull up a live, interactive view of any document in your Google Docs. Everyone in the room can edit and make changes in real time. Perfect for collaborating on documents without getting hundreds of comment notifications!

To use this, be sure that Google Docs has been enabled in your Integrations settings. Then simply select the Google Docs option in the Share menu and paste the link to your document.


For this to work, everyone in the room needs to have sharing permissions to the document. As a best practice, we usually recommend copying the Sharing Link so that anyone with the link automatically has access.


Similar to the Google Docs integration, the Trello integration allows you to share a live, interactive view of a Trello board so everyone can edit it together in real time.

To use this, be sure that Trello has been enabled in your Integrations settings. Then simply select the Trello option in the Share menu and paste the link to your board.

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