Adjust Room Size


Participants joining a meeting in a Pro room don't need to be on the Pro plan, or even registered users. This way you can invite teammates, customers, and business partners as needed to your meetings without making them sign up for anything!

With Whereby Pro and Business, you can pick your room size based on the number of meeting attendees you'll host. This isn't just an arbitrary cap on how many people can join the room; it actually changes the technology supporting the meeting. Our Small rooms (1-4 participants) use a peer-to-peer connection to send/receive audio and video streams. With the Large rooms (5-12 participants), a central server receives and bundles every participants video and audio streams into a single stream, and delivers them to each participant so connections don't get overloaded between individuals. 


This (and all paid features), are available in any room that's Created by your account. If you need instructions on Creating a room, you can find them  here

Once you're in your room, click the Room size icon at the top of the room toolbar screen    

In the popup window, select the size you want and click Update
This will refresh the room, and adjust the size

Forget to make your room bigger for a meeting? No worries! Our system will detect if your room is too small as more users join. We'll let you know and refresh the room for you! 

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