Join a Meeting you were Invited to

With many video meeting services, accepting an invite to a meeting can be a complex process that requires registration or downloads. With Whereby, our meeting rooms always use the same link so it's easy to remember, and users can join simply by typing the link into a supported browser. Below are some written instructions on how to join!

Join a Meeting with a Room Link or Room Name

If someone has invited you to their room, they've either given you a Room Link, or a Room Name. A Room Link looks like the following: "". Note that the Room Name is actually just the last part of the URL, so if someone only gave you the Room Name you can still join! See below for the full join process in steps with screenshots so you know what to expect!


If you've already given Whereby permission to access your cam and mic, you'll skip steps 3 and 4


Below is an example of an invite to a meeting


To join the meeting, click on the link which opens a new browser tab (you can also copy paste the link if clicking doesn't work)

From here you will be prompted to type in your name that will appear in the room:

Once you have confirmed your name, to set up your camera and microphone, you will need to click on "Request Permission":

Then click Allow in the browser pop-up to confirm

After allowing access, you'll see an image of yourself and if you wish you can disable your cam and/or mic. Once you you are ready, you can click the Join Room or Knock button to enter the meeting from here!

Now you're in the room! Enjoy your meeting!

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