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We designed Whereby with ease of access in mind. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to invite people to your room, which is why we don't require any logins or downloads to join a conversation! We do this thanks to WebRTC, which can be built-in to most modern browsers. However, because this is a relatively new web technology, some browsers don't have full support for it yet, so to use Whereby your browser needs to support WebRTC (see below for a list of supported browsers).

Desktop & Laptop Computers

The great thing about being entirely browser-based is that we're able to support any operating system that's capable of running one of our supported browsers. Whether it's a Unix based system like MacOS or Linux, or a DOS-based system like Windows, we've got you covered as long as you can run an up-to-date & supported browser!

Operating System Minimum Requirements

It is important that you can run the most recent version of our supported browsers. Below are the oldest operating systems that we can provide support for:

  • Windows: Windows 7 and later
  • Mac: MacOS 10.10 and later
  • Linux: Any x64 based system

Full Browser Support

Any browser that has built-in support for WebRTC should be able to use Whereby without issues. All of the below browsers have full support for WebRTC, and will deliver the best experience when using Whereby.

We support the two latest versions of all of these browsers, so if you're experiencing problems, try updating your browser (typically you can update your browser under Settings>About). As we roll out support for more browsers, we'll be sure to update this article.

Partial Browser Support

Safari and Microsoft Edge are currently in the experimental stage of development, and have limited support. WebRTC support was only recently released in both systems, and our team is working hard to thoroughly test these browsers before we roll out general support for all feature sets of Whereby.


Apple added support for WebRTC with version 11 of Safari, so you'll need to make sure that your computer is able to run Safari 11 (although ideally you'll want to be on the latest build of Safari). Safari is updated along with your Mac's operating system, so if you need to update Safari you'll also need to update your operating system.

At the moment Safari supports most of our features, but a few features like Recording are not currently supported.

Microsoft Edge

Joining rooms with a Microsoft Edge browser is possible, but certain features of Whereby may not work. However, Edge is slated to change to a Chromium based browser in early 2020, so it should receive full support shortly!

Mobile Devices

As a team of remote and distributed workers, we know that you don't always have access to a laptop or desktop computer, so we made sure to build out support for the most popular mobile devices! We offer support for joining Whereby rooms in both Android and iOS devices, however not all Whereby features are supported on all mobile devices, so we've detailed what you can do on each device below! Don't see the feature you're looking for? Tell us what we should develop next by writing to

iOS Devices

For iOS devices, we have a fantastic app that very closely matches the features of our desktop version of Whereby! The only feature currently missing from iOS is screen sharing capabilities, but this is something that's currently being developed! You can download the iOS version of Whereby in the App Store.

In addition to the iOS app, iOS devices can also join rooms in the Safari browser.

Android Devices

On Android devices, you can use the Chrome browser to go directly to any Whereby rooms. Simply type the Room URL into your browser, and you'll join the meeting directly in the browser! 

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